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Access to the following resources

 Full set of video recordings and power point slide for the following recorded lectures

EPICS Essentials

  1. Introduction to Design
  2. Introduction to Design II
  3. Introduction to Design I
  4. Ethics                      

        Project Management

  1. Effective Interview and Observation Techniques
  2. Empathy in Design
  3. Prototyping and Iteration
  4. User-centered Design by Janet Goings from GM
  5. Risk Management
  6. Specification Development
  7. Testing
  8. User Needs
  9. Effective Design Review Presentations
  10. Design Outputs and Manufacturability

     Narrated Skill Sessions covering

  1. Programming
  2. CAD
  3. Woodworking
  4. Electrical skills
  5. Microprocessors
  6. Project management

      Text and Templates

  • Text and artifacts for three EPICS project case studies
  • Templates and text to use for proposals for funding from foundations and corporate sponsors
  • Text to use for NSF career grants

      Participation in the EPICS Community

  • Opportunities to collaborate with other members of the consortium for funding
  • Opportunities to present at EPICS workshops
  • Access to EPICS logo and all branding materials