Information for Reviewers

In design review, you will present the specific design your team has developed and the design process you followed. Design reviews are great practice for life after Purdue, as they closely mimic the design reviews that practicing engineers experience regularly in industry.


Every community partner has a story. During design review, teams should tell that story. Why was this project needed? Who does it impact?  


Your team should share with the reviewers what issues you have had since the last review, possible solutions you have considered, and why you chose to move forward with your design.


Your team should also explain how you are implementing your designs in practice. Include any changes to specifications and implementation plans. You should also share any upcoming challenges; reviewers can be great help working through them.  


Spring 2021 Design Review Dates   

April 19-23

Are you scheduled to be a design reviewer for EPICS and looking for instructions and the pre-review site? Please contact

Students, it is your responsibility to invite design reviewers to the review. Some appropriate members of the review team include:

• Your project partner
• Purdue faculty, staff, or graduate students who have expertise in areas related to your project
• EPICS advisors for teams other than yours
• People from local industry who have expertise in areas related to your project.
• Representatives from EPICS corporate partners who have expertise in areas related to your project

Design Reviewer Schedule (please note this can/does change on a daily basis during review weeks)

Design Review Evaluation forms:      Professional Reviewer    

Instructions for Students to Post Documents for Design Reviewers: