Prospective Team Advisors

What is EPICS?

  • Hands-on design classes 
    • First-year through seniors enrolled
    • Faculty and graduate student mentors
  • Teams operate in a research and development context related to faculty expertise and/or national, international, and industry-sponsored design challenges
  • Longer-term (more than one semester or year) multi-disciplinary projects and teams

Expectations of EPICS Advisors:

  • Ensure mentorship of projects on a weekly basis
  • Support EPICS course expectations (participation in professional development activities, peer evaluations, etc.)
  • Complete assessment of students (mid-term and final assessment/grading, enter grades into myPurdue)
  • Goal to offer team multiple semesters/years

Benefits to EPICS Advisors:

  • EPICS provides administrative support and curricular structure for mentoring undergraduate design teams
    • Curricular structure = scheduling, syllabus, professional development opportunities, assessment process, limited TA admin support
  • Ability to explore new design areas and identify potential graduate students
  • Help meet education outcomes grants & mentoring goals for promotion/tenure
  • NSF Supplemental Funding Opportunity: Supplemental Funding Opportunity to Support Student Design Projects Directly Related to NSF Research ($4k per team, annually for active projects). Participating Divisions - Directorate for Engineering
    • Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental and Transport Systems (CBET)
    • Civil, Mechanical, and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI)
    • Electrical, Communications, and Cyber Systems (ECCS)

Interested in mentoring a new EPICS team?