Welcome EPICS alum! We hope all is well with you, both professionally and personally. We at EPICS are making intentional moves to be more connected to our alums. Please stay tuned to this page for upcoming developments in ways that your relationship with EPICS can continue. In the meantime, please consider the following ways that you can be involved with EPICS:

  • Design reviews: Interested in getting back to campus?  We have formal design reviews twice each semester and having alums as part of the design reviews add a great deal to the experience.  If you would be willing to be a design reviewer during the midterm and/or final design reviews, please contact us at <> to schedule a time.
  • EPICS in your community: In addition to the program at Purdue, EPICS has an active presence in many other universities, middle and high schools, nationally and internationally.  If you are interested in bringing EPICS to your community or a university/college/school, start by contacting the EPICS Outreach Program Manager <>.