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Featured EPICS K-12 Teacher

James Hemmings

“EPICS allows us to bridge the gap from classroom learning to real world change for our students.”

Mr. Hemming has been a professional teacher for 17 years having taught in Michigan, Florida and now the last six in Maryland for Baltimore County Public Schools. For the last three Mr. Hemming has been serving as an engineering teacher at Stemmers Run Middle school, which only started their engineering program three years ago. In that time Mr. Hemming has taken essentially an empty classroom and developed a very well-equipped design lab with power tools, hand tools, 3D printers, a wind tunnel, and over 25 robots. He has also started and developed an after-school robotics program that fielded three competitive teams for the Vex IQ challenge this season. He started another after-school club this year to further challenge his students by designing and building a model cargo ship to transport 40 lbs of cargo and be operated by radio control. A third group he is sponsoring is using the EPICS curriculum to involve students in community service projects. He has published two articles in the Technology and Engineering Teacher journal through ITEEA showcasing lessons taught in class and lesson learned during the first year of teaching engineering. In 2018 he was recognized for his work and contribution to technology and engineering education by be named the New Teacher of Excellence by the Technology and Engineering Educators Association of Maryland (TEEAM). He was also invited to present at the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association conference in Atlanta, GA during 2018 where he presented his lessons learned as a new program and was further invited to participate in an international round table to discuss the state of technology and engineering education in the eastern United States. This year his engineering program is receiving the Program of Excellence Award in the state of Maryland by TEEAM and internationally by ITEEA. The Program of Excellence Award is awarded to programs that manage exemplary school technology and engineering education programs that provide quality standards-based instruction and provide students rich experiences.