Become a Sponsor

EPICS depends on the support of corporations, foundations, institutions, and friends of EPICS to carry out its programs. Your involvement can be either in the form of financial support (please see information below) and/or leadership support both at the local program level as well as the national program level.

Gifts to the Purdue EPICS Program: Examples of What Your $5,000 Donation Will Support

Operation and development of existing EPICS programs

  • Team expenses: EPICS prototypes are deployed with not-for-profit corporations located off-campus or with university organizations. Gift funds may be used to acquire the hardware, software, or other materials that must be purchased for the construction and deployment of the team's prototypes.
  • Student travel: These funds may be used to cover the cost of student travel between EPICS sites or to cover the student travel expenses associated with long distance meetings for a particular project. The programmatic support will provide the necessary funds to ensure that students can travel to areas related to their teams. projects as the need arises.
  • Student Presentation Opportunities: Representatives of EPICS are often asked to make special presentations regarding the program at key events and activities. Students are often the best spokespersons for such events as the students. perspectives on the success of the program are highly compelling. However, there are often costs associated in preparing the professional level presentations expected for these events such as display boards and posters and general handout materials. Gift funds can help to cover the expenses associated with such presentations so that more of these opportunities can be realized for students. Students can be given more chances to advance their professional presentation skills and network with members of strategic audiences.
  • Laboratory Supplies and Materials: EPICS programs are responsible for providing laboratory space and the basic infrastructure required for students to design, develop, and test their prototypes. Gift funds can assist in supplying the materials students need to perform their essential team functions.
  • Awards and Recognition: Recognition is an important part of the educational experience for deserving students. EPICS would like to further recognize both individual and team achievement. For example, the program would like to host celebration events to honor the deployment of resources to a community partner when a key project is completed. Your gift funds will help to make these recognition events possible.

The contributions of all EPICS sponsors will be cited on the Purdue EPICS Web site, and your company/foundation's name will be listed as the sponsor on a student team EPICS Web site as well. For more information about financially supporting the Purdue EPICS Program please contact

More info on how companies, foundations, and individuals can be involved With EPICS