Graduation Information

ECE students who are eligible for graduation must have successfully completed all degree requirements through current and past registrations as well as courses transferred from another institution and/or Advanced Credit/CLEP exams.  Students will apply for graduation and once approved, a candidate code will be added to their final semester's registration.  This code appears on the student's schedule as if it is a course and it can be dropped like any other course.  In the case a student drops the CAND code, they must contact the ECE Undergraduate Academic Advising Office immediately to have it replaced or the student will no longer be eligible for graduation.  

Students will receive an email around week 6 of the semester indicating a new tab has been added to their myPurdue.  This tab has all instructions for the candidate to indicate if they will participate in commencement exercises, number of tickets needed and cap/gown information.  Please watch for this email and complete the required steps promptly.

Applying for Graduation

Students must submit the Destination: Graduation located on their MyPurdue page to be placed on the candidate list and participate in commencement exercises.  The application must be submitted no later than the end of week 8 of their final semester, but should be done at the earliest date possible to ensure your files are reviewed and the application is accepted.

Transfer Credits

Students who are planning to use transfer credits toward degree requirements must either have all courses transferred to Purdue and appearing on their myPurdue transcript or show proof of registration at the other institution before the candidate for graduation application is accepted.  These courses should be approved by an ECE Undergraduate Academic Advisor prior to registration to ensure they will count toward degree requirements and not result in a waste of time and money. 

Advanced Credit/CLEP Exams

It is preferred that all advanced credit/CLEP exams be completed prior to the start of the candidate's final semester.  If the exam will be taken in the final semester, the student will not be added to the candidate list unless they are registered for and attending the class until the test results are determined.  Once the test is passed, the student will then be allowed to drop the course from their registration.  This is to ensure the student will still be eligible for graduation even if the exam is not passed.  Please note that some departments will not allow you to take the advanced placement exam if you have been attending the course past week four so you need to plan ahead.