ECE 41500 - Electro- And Fiber Optics Laboratory


Will be effective fall only semesters effective fall 2016.

Course Details

Lab Hours: 3 Credits: 1

Counts as:

  • EE Adv Level Lab
  • CMPE Selective - Special Content

Normally Offered:

Each Fall


On-campus only


(ECE 20008 or ECE 20800) and (ECE 30411 or ECE 31100) and ECE 30100 and ECE 41400 [may be taken concurrently]

Catalog Description:

Laboratory exercises in lasers, hologram, modulation and deflection of laser beams, fiber components and systems.

Required Text(s):


Recommended Text(s):


Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:
  1. an ability to properly handle basic optical components and equipment. [None]
  2. an ability to assemble and align necessary optical components to perform simple optical experiments. [None]
  3. an ability to design and test simple fiber communication systems. [None]

Lab Outline:

Week Experiment
1 Power and beam spot measurement of laser beams.
2 Spatial filtering and beam expanding.
3 Transform, convolution and correlation of beams.
4 Characteristics of LEDs and semiconductor lasers.
5 Introduction to optical fibers.
6 Microbending loss in intensity sensors.
7 Acousto-optic modulation and deflection.
8 Electro-optic modulation.
9 Design project.
10 Fiber optic Mach-Zehnder interferometer.
11 Few-mode fibers.
12 Design project.
13-14 Holographic recording and reconstruction
15 Design project

Assessment Method: