ECE 41300 - Introduction to Optics Laboratory


Will be offered spring only semesters effective fall 2016.

Course Details

Lab Hours: 3 Credits: 1

Counts as:

  • EE Adv Level Lab
  • CMPE Selective - Special Content

Normally Offered:

Each Spring


On-campus only


ECE 30100 and (ECE 20008 or ECE 20800) and (ECE 30411 or ECE 31100) and ECE 41200 [may be taken concurrently]

Catalog Description:

A set of laboratory experiments dealing with fundamentals and applications of geometrical optics, polarization optics, wave optics and Fourier optics.

Course Objectives:

This laboratory course is designed around three goals. First, the student should find confirmation and reinforcement of topics covered in EE 412. Second, the student should be able to apply optical principals to the solution of problems, and to be able to define limitations to these applications. Third, the student should acquire "breadboarding" skills, i.e. be able to build an optical instrument by assembling a set of optical components.

Required Text(s):


Recommended Text(s):

  1. Optics , 4th Edition , E. Hecht , Prentice-Hall , 2001 , ISBN No. 0805385665

Lab Outline:

Week Experiment
1-2 Geometric Optics
3-4 Polarization Effects
5 Faraday Rotation
6-7 Interferometer and Interference Effects
8 Fabry-Perot Cavity and Optical Spectrum Analysis
9 Diffraction
10 Optical Fourier Transforms and Spatial Filtering
11-12 Holographic Recording and Reconstruction; Project/Design Introduction
13-14 Design Project
15 Coherence Effects

Assessment Method: