ECE 30414 - Elements of Fiber Optics, Lasers and Optoelectronics


This course was previously offered as ECE 41400. Students are also suggested to consider taking the lab course ECE 30415 together with this course.

Course Details

Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

Counts as:

  • EE Elective
  • CMPE Complementary Elective

Normally Offered:

Each Fall


On-campus only


ECE 30100 and (ECE 30411 or 31100) and MA 26200 or (MA 26500 and (MA 26600 or MA 36600))

Requisites by Topic:

Uniform plane waves, reflection and refraction of plane waves, rudimentary differential equations and matrix algebra, basic concepts in electric circuits and in semiconductor devices, basic concepts of electromagnetism, Maxwell's equations

Catalog Description:

Fundamental of photonics, guided-wave optics, optical fibers, lasers, photon detectors, integrated optical components, optical information processing, devices in communication and sensor applications. Topics include generation, transformation, modulation and detection of laser beams and their applications.

Required Text(s):

  1. Fundamentals of Photonics ; Publisher: Wiley-Interscience; 2 edition (March 9, 2007); Language: English; ISBN-10: 0471358320; ISBN-13: , 2nd Edition , Bahaa E. A. Saleh, and Malvin Carl Teich , Wiley-Interscience , 2007 , ISBN No. 978-0471358329

Recommended Text(s):

  1. Fiber-Optic Communication Systems , Govind P. Agarwal , John Wiley and Sons , ISBN No. 0-471-21571-6
  2. Photonic Crystals , John D. Joannopoulos, et alia , Princeton University Press , ISBN No. 978-0-691-12456-8

Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:
  1. an ability to analyze simple optical systems including dielectric slabs, thin lenses, reflectors, and optical resonators. [1]
  2. an ability to analyze optical waveguides, examine fiber modes and waveguide properties . [1]
  3. a knowledge of the operations of gas lasers, semiconductor lasers and light emitting diodes. [1]
  4. a knowledge of operational principles of optical detectors, including various optical detection schemes. [1]
  5. an understanding of the key components of optical fiber communication systems . [1]
  6. a basic understanding of novel concepts in photonics, including ultrafast optics, photonic crystals, optical interconnects, metal optics, and metamaterials. [1]

Lecture Outline:

Lecture Topic
1 Overview of the course, introduction
2 Fundamentals of Ray optics and resonator optics
3-4 Simple optical components
5-6 Ray matrices, resonators
7 Fundamentals of wave optics
8 Fundamentals of electromagnetic optics
9 Guided-wave optics: planar waveguides
10 Dielectric waveguides
11 Photonic crystal optics
12-13 Fiber optics
14 Photonic Crystal (Holey) Fibers
15 Lasers: Review of energy levels
16 Transition between energy levels and population inversion
17 Rate equations
18-20 Survey of laser systems: common laser amplifiers, common CW and pulsed lasers
21 Semiconductor optical sources: Basic parameters of semiconductor light sources; Light emitting diodes
22-23 Semiconductor injection lasers
24 Semiconductor optical sources: Material and fabrication
25 Semiconductor photon detectors: Types and characterization
26 Coherent and incoherent detection, Noise
27 Fiber communication systems
28 Modulations and deflection of beams: Introduction to Electro- and acousto-optics
29-30 Current research in photonics