ECE 31032 - Power Systems Engineering


This course previously ran as ECE 43200 through Fall 2019, becoming ECE 31032 beginning Fall 2020.

Course Details

Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

Counts as:

  • EE Advanced Selective
  • CMPE Complementary Elective

Normally Offered:

Each Fall


On-campus only


(ECE 20001 or ECE 20100) and (PHYS 27200 or PHYS 24100 or PHYS 25100 or PHYS 26100) and (MA 26100 or MA 17400 or MA 18200 or MA 27101) and (MA 26200 or (MA 26500 and (MA 26600 or MA 36600)).

Catalog Description:

Introduction to the economic operation of power systems, three-phase circuit analysis, modeling of transformers and transmission lines, steady-state network analysis using a power flow, analysis during faults, and state estimation.

Course Objectives:

The course is designed to give the student an understanding of the problems encountered in the design and operation of electric power systems.

Required Text(s):

  1. Power System Analysis , J. Grainer and W. Stevenson , McGraw-Hill , 1994 , ISBN No. 0-07-061293-5

Recommended Text(s):

  1. Power System Analysis & Design , SI version Edition , Glover, J. Duncan, Mulukutla S. Sarma, and Thomas Overbye , Cengage Learning , ISBN No. 0534548849

Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:
  1. an understanding of the function of the main components in a power system, and the basis of their circuit models. [1]
  2. an ability to build a system representation from components' circuit models and to apply solution techniques to certain operational needs. [1,2,6]

Lecture Outline:

Weeks Topic(s)
1 Economic operation
2 Basic concepts
2 Transformers
2 Transmission line parameters
1 Transmission line representations
2 Power system modeling
3 Power flow solutions
2 State estimation

Engineering Design Consideration(s):

  • Sustainability

Assessment Method:

Exams, Homework, Project