ECE 69500 - Ideas to Innovation II

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Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

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Normally Offered:

Each Fall, Spring


On-campus only


ECE 695 Ideas to Innovation I

Requisites by Topic:

Graduate standing in ECE and enrollment in the project-track MSECE

Catalog Description:

Ideas to Innovation Project-2 focuses on the team-based design project and includes i) detailed and final design of a component/system/approach, ii) development of prototype or other relevant demonstration to "de-risk" key challenges associated with the proposed approach and iii) characterization/benchmarking of the prototype. Assignments will include formal design reviews.

Required Text(s):


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Lecture Outline:

1 Major Topics
1 Refined project goals and project management plan [Outcome: Proposed metrics and project timeline]
2 Definition of technical approaches for various sub-systems and initial design phases [Outcome: Design Reviews]
3 Detailed design and demonstration of sub-systems [Outcome: Design Review and subsystem demonstrations]
4 Final design and construction of prototype/demonstration [Outcome: Final Design Review and Interim Demonstration]
5 Characterization of prototype component/system [Outcome: Documentation of system metrics and comparison to project goals]
6 Final demonstration and design project report

Assessment Method:

Class participation, deliverables related to project.