ECE 29600 - Electrical and Computer Engineering Projects


A written report must be submitted to the ECE Undergraduate Office (EE 136) at the end of the term at the same time the course grade is submitted, either as a hard copy or an electronic copy ( The format and length of the report is at the discretion of the instructor, but at a minimum it should include the following information: Project title, name of student, name of instructor, term (i.e. spring 2014), credit hours, project description and summary of the results.

Course Details

Variable Credit

Counts as:

  • EE Elective - Special Content
  • CMPE Special Content Elective

Normally Offered:

Each Fall, Spring, Summer


On-campus and online

Catalog Description:

Projects in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Electrical Engineering credit: This is a Special Content course. No more than 6 credits of Special Content type courses may apply towards the ECE Requirements of the BSEE degree. Excess hours may be used as Complementary Electives. This is a repeatable course. The supervising instructor must be an ECE faculty member. Credit Guidelines: The level of effort should be approximately 3 hours of effort per credit hour per week (for a 15 week Fall or Spring semester). For example, if a student takes ECE 49600 for 3 credits, then the total level of effort expected would be 9 hours per week for a total of 135 hours. During the Summer term, the weekly effort would be higher so that the total hours of effort are still about 135 hours.

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