ECE 25500 - Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design

Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

Counts as:
EE Core

Normally Offered: Each Fall, Spring

ECE 20100, Minimum Grade of C and (MA 26100 or MA 27101 or MA 17400).

Catalog Description:
Diode, bipolar transistor and FET circuit models for the design and analysis of electronic circuits. Single and multistage analysis and design; introduction to digital circuits. Computer aided design calculations, amplifier operating point design, and frequency response of single and multistage amplifiers. High frequency and low frequency designs are emphasized.

Supplementary Information:
This course is an CMPE Core Course for catalog terms prior to Fall 2018. For Fall 2018 and later catalog terms it is a CMPE Special Content Elective.

Required Text(s):
  1. Microelectronic Circuits, 7th Edition, Adel S. Sedra and Kenneth C. Smith, Oxford University Press, 2014, ISBN No. 978-0-19-933913-6.

Recommended Text(s): None.

Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated:
  1. The ability to identify and correctly utilize the external lead structure and basic electrical characteristics of common semiconductor devices (pn junctions, MOSFETs, and BJTs). [1]
  2. The ability to analyze and design d.c. bias circuits. [1,2]
  3. The ability to utilize d.c. and a.c. models of semiconductor devices in both analysis and design. [1,2]
  4. The ability to analyze and design single and multistage amplifiers at low, mid and high frequencies. [1,2]
  5. The ability to use a CAD tool (e.g., SPICE) in circuit analysis and design. [1,2,6]

Lecture Outline:

Week(s) Topic(s)
2 Diodes, diode models, diode applications
3 Bipolar junction transistors, BJT circuits
2 MOSFETs, MOSFET circuits
1 Transistor applications, Multi-stage circuits
1 BJT amplifiers, BJT hybrid-pi model
1 MOSFET amplifiers, MOSFET hybrid-pi model
1.5 Single-stage transistor amplifiers
.5 Multi-stage transistor amplifiers
2 Frequency response, high-frequency models
1 High-frequency multi-stage amplifier analysis and design

Engineering Design Content:


Engineering Design Consideration(s):