ECE 20800 - Electronic Devices and Design Laboratory


This course is an CMPE Core Course for catalog terms prior to Fall 2018. For Fall 2018 and later catalog terms it is a CMPE Special Content Elective.

Course Details

Lab Hours: 3 Credits: 1

Counts as:

  • CMPE Core
  • EE Core

Normally Offered:

Each Fall, Spring


Prerequisites: ECE 20700 and ECE 25500 [may be taken concurrently].

Requisites by Topic:

Prerequisites: basic circuit analysis including dc, transient, and steady state sinusoidal analysis; basic laboratory instrumentation Concurrent Prerequisites: basic circuit models for diodes, unipolar and bipolar transistors; design of small signal amplifiers

Catalog Description:

Laboratory experiments in the measurement of electronic device characteristics. Design of biasing networks, small signal amplifiers and switching circuits.

Required Text(s):

  1. Electronic Devices and Design Laboratory , M. Swabey, A. Balmos, S. Hathorn, and B. Robinson , KendallHunt , 2017 , ISBN No. 978-1-5249-2303-7

Recommended Text(s):


Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully fulfills the course requirements will have demonstrated an ability to:
  1. measure the characteristics of diodes and bipolar transistors. [6]
  2. design, build, and test biasing networks for diodes, bipolar transistors, and field effect transistors. [1,2,6]
  3. design, build, and test single stage voltage amplifiers to meet a set of given specifications. [1,2,6]
  4. design simple switching circuits. [1,2,6]

Lab Outline:

Week Experiment Title or Activity
1 Introduction
2 Measurement of diode characteristics
3 Triangle to sine converter design
4 A small signal attenuator
5 A motor driver - power MOSFET
6 CMOS logic
7 Formal report project
8 Formal report project (continued)
9 DC models for bipolar transistors
10 Common emitter: load lines, etc.
11 Precision gain amplifiers
12 Low frequency hybrid-pi model
13 Lab practical exam
14 Single stage amplifier design
15 Single stage amplifier design (continued)

Assessment Method: