ECE 64700 - Performance Modeling of Computer Communication Networks

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Credits: 3

Areas of Specialization:

  • Communications, Networking, Signal & Image Processing
  • Computer Engineering

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Normally Offered:

Spring - odd years


On-campus only

Catalog Description:

Advanced topics related to communication networks, in particular the mathematical background needed for the performance analysis, control and optimization of computer communication networks. The instructor may tailor the content to reflect current trends and goals of networking research. Examples of relevant topics are: (a) Point processes, Markov processes, and queuing processes as used in the modeling and analysis of queues and queuing networks; (b) performance analysis and distributed control of random access networks; (c) Convex optimization with applications in communication networks; (d) Cross-layer design of wireless networks; and (e) Introduction to large-deviations and its application in queues and queuing networks. The techniques developed are useful in the design of computer systems as well as computer networks.

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Lecture Outline:

Weeks Topic
2 Convex sets and functions
2 Convex optimization problems and representative problem formulations in networking (e.g., congestion control, power control, routing, and MAC scheduling)
2 Unconstrained and constrained optimization techniques
2 Lagrange duality and implications to the deign of network protocols
1 Asynchronous algorithms
1 Stochastic optimization
2 Cross-layer design in wireless networks
3 Large deviation principles, contraction principle, large deviations of queues

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