ECE 63900 - Error Control Coding

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Credits: 3

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  • Communications, Networking, Signal & Image Processing

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Spring - odd years


On-campus only

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The theory and practice of error control coding is examined. The study includes the arithmetic of Galois fields as well as linear block, cyclic, and convolutional codes. Some applications of codes in digital communication systems and in computer systems are presented.

Required Text(s):


Recommended Text(s):

  1. Error Control Systems for Digital Communication and Storage , S. Wicker , Prentice Hall , 1995 , ISBN No. 0-13-200809-2

Lecture Outline:

Weeks Topic
8.0 1. Linear Block Codes A. Shannon Channel Coding Theorem B. Basics: Matrix Descriptions, Hamming Distance, Hamming Codes C. Syndrome Decoding D. BSC Performance and Performance Bounds E. Finite Field Algebra F. Cyclic Codes (+ implementation circuits) G. BCH and Reed-Solomon Codes H. Peterson-Massey-Berlekamp Decoding Algorithm I. Other Decoding Algorithms: Majority Logic and Meggitt
4.0 2. Binary Convolutional Codes A. Basics (state diagram, trellis, etc.) B. The Viterbi Algorithm (+ register exchange & back tracing) C. Sequential Decoding D. The Union Bound and the Transfer-Function Bound
3.0 3. Coded Modulation A. Shannon's Channel Coding Theorem Revisited (bandwidth efficiency) B. Set-Partition Trellis Coding C. Continuous Phase Modulation

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