ECE 63700 - Digital Image Processing I

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Credits: 3

Areas of Specialization:

  • Communications, Networking, Signal & Image Processing

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Normally Offered:

Each Spring


On-campus and online

Catalog Description:

Introduction to digital image processing techniques for enhancement, compression, restoration, reconstruction, and analysis. Lecture and laboratory experiments covering a wide range of topics including 2-D signals and systems, image analysis, image segmentation; achromatic vision, color image processing, color imaging systems, image sharpening, interpolation, decimation, linear and nonlinear filtering, printing and display of images; image compression, image restoration, and tomography.

Required Text(s):

  1. Handbook of Image & Video Processing , Al Bovik , Academic Press, San Diego , 2000 , ISBN No. 0-12-119790-5

Recommended Text(s):


Lecture Outline:

Weeks Topic
1.0 1. Continuous Space Signals and Systems
1.0 2. Discrete Space Signals and Systems
2.0 3. Image topology, analysis and segmentation
1.0 4. Imaging Perception and Representation
2.0 5. Color image processing and color imaging systems
1.0 6. Resolution conversion
1.0 7. Image Enhancement
1.0 8. Image Restoration and filtering
1.0 9. Image Quantization and Halftoning
2.0 10. Image Coding
1.0 11. Image Reconstruction
1.0 12. Exams and demonstrations

Assessment Method: