ECE 62400 - Multimedia Systems

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Credits: 3

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  • Computer Engineering

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Fall - even years


On-campus only

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This course provides a general coverage of three major areas that include multimedia data management (logical and physical modeling), broadband network architectures and protocols for distributed multimedia communication, and user interface environments. Various models and specification methodologies in these areas are introduced. The discussion is augmented with various case studies.

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Lecture Outline:

Weeks Topic
1.5 1. Introduction to multimedia applications
2.5 2. Multimedia Database Management: Logical Modeling
3. Case Studies: Oracle Media Server
2.0 4. Multimedia Database Management: Physical Management
3.5 5. Broadband multimedia communication
2.0 6. Distributed multimedia systems
1.5 7. User Interface, tools and methodologies
8. Design on Oracle Web Server
2 9. Tests and presentation of term papers (Term Paper project can be done based on Oracle Media Server and broadband networks (ATM, FDDI and 100 Base-T))

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