ECE 61700 - Antennas: Design and Application

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Credits: 3

Areas of Specialization:

  • Fields and Optics

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Normally Offered:

Spring - odd years


On-campus and online


Prerequisites: EE 441, EE 604 Concurrent Prerequisites: EE 604

Catalog Description:

Electrically small antennas; Arrays; wire antennas and feeding arrangements; aperture antennas, such as slots, horns, and parabolic reflectors; antennas for multiple frequencies, including log-periodic and other frequency independent types; receiving antennas and the concept of antenna temperature; antenna measurements and evaluation

Required Text(s):

  1. Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design , Balanis , Harper & Row , 1982 , ISBN No. 9780060404581

Recommended Text(s):


Lecture Outline:

Lectures Topic
3 Antenna history, review of field equations and methods of solutions, field of elemental current and superposition.
6 Small antennas: Impedance, gain efficiency, images effects of actual ground, transmission line loaded antennas, Microstrip Antennas.
6 Arrays: Array factor, polynomial representations, Fourier representation, Dolph-Chebyshev arrays, Tolerances, Signal processing arrays.
5 Wire antennas: Patterns and impedance of straight wires, bent and curved wires, feeding arrangements, impedance matching, baluns, mutual effects.
3 Theory of biconical and cylindrical antennas.
6 Digital Computation of Antenna Performance Parameters.
5 Aperture antennas: Slot antennas, slotted cylinders horns, circular aperture theory and practice.
3 Antennas for Multiple Frequencies: Spot band antennas, log-periodic dipoles and other frequency independent antennas.
3 Receiving antennas: Power transfer, effective area, noise considerations, antenna temperature, diversity.

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