ECE 61600 - Ultrafast Optics

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Credits: 3

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  • Fields and Optics

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Fall - odd years


On-campus only

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A study of the physics, technology, and applications of ultrashort laser pulses. Topics to be covered include the following: Methods for generating and measuring ultrafast laser pulses. Basic physical processes affecting ultrashort pulses. Devices for manipulating ultrashort pulses. Ultrafast nonlinear optics, including nonlinear optics in fibers, nonlinear refractive index effects, pulse compression, solitons, and all-optical switching. Time-resolved spectroscopy of ultrafast materials processes. Applications to ultrafast optoelectronics. In addition, each student will select a specific topic for in-depth study.

Required Text(s):

  1. Ultrafast Optics , Andrew M. Weiner , John Wiley & Sons, Inc. , 2009 , ISBN No. 978-0-471-41539-8

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Lecture Outline:

Lectures Topic
1 1. Introduction
10 2. Ultrashort Pulse Generation Techniques A. Mole-locking B. Physical processes affecting ultrashort pulses C. Types of ultrashort pulse lasers D. Amplifiers
10 3. Measurement AND Manipulation A. Techniques for measuring ultrashort pulses B. Dispersion and dispersion compensation C. Pulse shaping
9 4. Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics A. Nonlinear optics in optical fibers B. Self-phase-modulation C. Pulse compression D. Solitions E. All-optical switching
8 5. Time-Resolved Spectroscopy A. Pump-probe measurements B. Transient grating measurements C. Orientational effects D. Photon echoes E. Examples
3 6. Ultrafast Optoelectronics
3 7. Student Presentations

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