ECE 60400 - Electromagnetic Field Theory

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Credits: 3

Areas of Specialization:

  • Fields and Optics

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Each Fall, Spring


On-campus and online

Catalog Description:

Review of general concepts (Maxwell's equations, materials interaction, boundary conditions, energy flow); statics (Laplace's equation, Poisson's equation); distributed parameter systems (classification of solutions, transmission lines, and waveguides); radiation and antennas (arrays, reciprocity, Huygen's principle); a selected special topic (e.g. magnetostatics, waves in anisotropic media and optical fibers).

Required Text(s):


Recommended Text(s):

  1. Electromagnetic Field Theory (full text provided in Brightspace) , Chew, W. , Lecture Book
  2. Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics (full text provided in Brightspace) , 3rd Edition , Ramo, S.; Whinnery, J. R.; Van Duzer, T. , John Wiley & Sons , 1994 , ISBN No. 0471585513

Lecture Outline:

Major Topics
1 Module 1 - Fundamentals, Complex Media, Theorems, and Principles: Fundamentals of Maxwell's equations; Gauss' and Stokes' theorems; wave equation, scalar and vector potentials, boundary conditions; phasor and frequency domain techniques; Drude-Lorentz- Sommerfeld model, plane waves; gyrotropic media; instantaneous and complex Poynting's theorem; electromagnetic theorems and principles.
2 Module 2 - Transmission Lines, Waves in Layered Media, Waveguides, and Cavity Resonators: Circuit and transmission line theory; duality principle; single interface reflection and transmission; total internal reflection; Brewster angle; surface plasmon polariton; waves in layered media; phase and group velocities; transverse resonance condition; dielectric waveguide; hollow rectangular and circular waveguides; Q of resonators.
3 Module 3, - Radiation, High-Frequency Approximation, Computational Electromagnetics, Quantum Theory of Light: Radiation of Hertzian dipole and general sources; array antennas, near field, Fresnel zone, and far-field approximation; types of antennas; image theory; high-frequency approximations; plane wave expansion of point source field; Sommerfeld integrals; computational electromagnetics; quantum theory of light.

Assessment Method:

Homework, exams. (3/2022)