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Quantitative Cellular & Systems Engineering


Aditya Sai and Nan Kong co-authored Surrogate Modeling of Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Engineering Letters. 10 February 2018.
Nan Kong has co-authored Claims data-driven modeling of hospital time-to-readmission risk with latent heterogeneity published in Health Care Management Science. 25 January 2018.
Joaquin Goñi co-authored The quest for identifiability in human functional connectomes. 27 November 2017.
Nan Kong, an associate professor of biomedical engineering, co-authors The n-by-T Target Discharge Strategy for Inpatient Units in Medical Decision Making (journal).

Transforming healthcare requires integration of biological and biomedical information across multiple scales and levels of organization. Quantitative Cellular and Systems Engineering uses computational methods, mathematical modeling, systems analysis, quantitative measurement, and cellular and molecular engineering to solve problems in biotechnology and human health.

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