Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program a thesis or non-thesis program?

This is a non-thesis program.

How does the Professional Master’s Degree Program (PMP) differ from the traditional thesis or non-thesis MS program?

The PMP is designed to prepare students for careers in industry. It provides students with the opportunity to develop business, leadership, and regulatory skills that are highly sought after by industry. A thesis provides students with an opportunity to do a deep dive into a focused question and is the recommended path for students preparing for a PhD program or research-orientated career. The PMP is a terminal degree and is not intended for students who are interested in research or continuing on to a PhD.

Is the diploma/degree given for the Professional Masters different from the regular MS BME program?

No. Students who graduate from the Professional Master’s Degree Program will receive the same diploma/degree that all master’s students in BME receive - the MSBME degree.

Can I start in the spring semester or in the summer?

Yes. After admission, students may start in the spring, summer, or fall semesters.

I am unsure as to whether I will be pursuing a career in industry or go on for a Ph.D.  Is this the program for me?

No. This program is not intended for students who might be interested in pursuing a Ph.D. Research is important preparation for a Ph.D. program, and this program doesn’t have space for research.

What pathways to positions in industry does this program provide?

This program will provide students with an opportunity to work at a biomedical company, maximizing opportunities for employment upon graduation. Our students have had internships at companies large and small, including Zimmer Biomet, Cook Biotech, Nevro, DuPuy Orthopedics, BD, and Philips. Graduates of this program have been placed in full time positions in companies including Abbot Vascular, Zimmer Biomet, Philips, and Lutonix. 

What is the estimated cost of attendance?

What resources are available to me to help find an internship?

Purdue University, the College of Engineering and the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering provide many resources to help students find an internship.  Below is a list of just a few of those resources.

  1.  Center for Career Opportunities
  2. Engineering focused careeer fairs
  3. Office of Professional Practice
  4. Career advisor located in BME  

Are international students in the PMP program eligible for a STEM extension?

Yes. Graduates of the PMP are eligible for the standard 12-month OPT benefit, but they are also eligible for the 24-month STEM OPT extension. This results in a total eligibility of 36-months of OPT, pending the graduate meets the requirements for the benefit, as determined by International Students and Scholars. More information about OPT can be found on the ISS webpage.