Using BANNER/myPurdue to Self-Register for Courses

What is Banner?

Banner is the self-registration system where you will register, add, drop, and modify courses.  Banner is accessible through myPurdue at

What courses are available?

A Dynamic Schedule is available in myPurdue to search for course availability. Refer to the Plan of Study requirements for your particular degree program and confer with your advisor on course selections. See Example Core Competency course lists for suggestions and note that students may propose additional courses.

How do I register for courses?

You will self-register with a PIN (999999) for all courses, and for thesis option students also in your required master's research (BME69800) or PhD research (BME69900) credits. Some courses will require instructor or department approval - see instructions below. Refer to the Registrar’s Website for schedule revision deadlines. 

What is my registration PIN?

The registration PIN for all BME and IBSC graduate students is 999999. 

What is a CRN?

The Course Reference Number or CRN is a 5-digit number shown in the Schedule of Classes along with the course number and title and is required to self-register in courses and research in myPurdue.

How do I self-register for research credit?

First look up your faculty advisor’s Master’s (BME69800) or PhD (BME69900) research CRN in the Dynamic Schedule . Select the appropriate semester and note the 5 digit Course Reference Number (CRN) for your research ‘course’. Be aware that each faculty member has a different research CRN for each semester.

Next go to Add/Drop in myPurdue, enter the course information and click Submit Schedule. At the subsequent message indicating Permission of Instructor is required, select Scheduling Assistant in order to request permission.

Upon approval of the Instructor or Designee (which is Sandy for BME69800 and BME69900), you should receive an email message stating your request has been approved (or not approved and why). Return to your myPurdue registration screen, click the button for Grade Mode and Credits and increase your research credits accordingly - generally 6 in summer and 9 in fall/spring for funded BME and IBSC grad students. If there is no button for Grade Mode and Credits, click Submit Schedule first and then it should appear. If your request was not approved, follow the guidance provided in the subsequent email to resolve the issue.

How do I register for courses that require instructor or department approval?

Self-register for the course through the normal process. Submit the request for approval to register via the Scheduling Assistant feature in myPurdue. The designated approver(s) will be notified automatically to address your request. You will receive a subsequent email message indicating your request was approved or not approved and why. If your request to register is approved, return to myPurdue and complete the course registration. If not approved, follow the guidance provided in the subsequent email message.

What is the deadline to register?

Students must register appropriately by the published Registrar deadlines. Failure to do so will result in a $200 late fee charged to the student and puts assistantship and fellowship funding at risk. Students are encouraged to register early to ensure a spot in your chosen courses. 

What are the registration requirements for each semester?

Funded BME and IBSC graduate students and international graduate students are required to register full-time every semester. Full-time registration in fall and spring semesters is 8 to 18 credit hours. Full-time registration in the summer session is 6 to 9 credit hours. Self-funded students may choose an acceptable level of registration for their situation and within visa guidelines for international students. Each student is responsible for self-registering within the set deadlines, checking their semester schedule to ensure it is correct, for payment of fees by the Bursar’s deadline to avoid cancellation, for resolving any holds on your record in a timely manner, for filing the plan of study by the published deadlines and for ensuring you stay on track to meet the degree requirements by the expected end of your program.

What are the registration requirements if I accept an internship?

Once you have completed the initial steps outlined on the Internship web page, you will be enrolled in an internship course (BME 69699) for each semester you are away. This course will allow your internship to be transcripted, keep health insurance current, keep you in full time status and preserve any student loan deferments. There is a $400 fee that is the student’s responsibility.

How do I register in courses at both Purdue West Lafayette and IUPUI in the same semester?

Access the Reciprocal Fees GS Form 31 online form and download it to your computer. See page two of the GS Form 31 for instructions on how to be admitted and register at IUPUI. Complete those steps at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester. Submit the completed and signed form along with a copy of your IUPUI class schedule to the BME graduate office for processing with the Purdue Graduate School and Bursar. Submission of the form will alleviate your having to pay general service and non-resident service fees for both campus registrations.

What is the required registration in the last semester for graduation?

Students in their last semester for graduation must be registered in the appropriate candidate course. Contact the BME Graduate Office regarding the potential registration options. Prior to the first day of classes, Professional Master's Program students should email to notify your intent to graduate that semester. Thesis master's and PhD students must have their faculty research advisor send an email confirming the graduation expectation.