Plan of Study (POS) Advisory Committee


Early in their PhD career, students benefit from varied faculty perspectives on choosing the most beneficial coursework for them to obtain the knowledge, skills, and experiences required for their PhD work and intended career path.  A plan of study (POS) is required by the Graduate School, and embraced by the BME Graduate Committee as a useful framework for promoting early and broad advising guidance for our students.


Forming a POS Advisory Committee is required prior to registration in the Fall of Year 1 so that students obtain early and broad academic advising from two additional BME faculty members in their research area, beyond their advisor.  This three-person POS committee is separate, but a precursor, to the thesis committee, which is formed later once a thesis topic has been settled.  A draft POS should be filed in the fall semester of the first year, once the POS committee is formed by the student in consultation with their advisor.  A joint meeting with the members of the POS committee is highly encouraged prior to registration in the Spring semester of Year 1 to:

  1. settle the POS, including a list of alternative courses,
  2. discuss potential QLA topics, and
  3. discuss planned Career Development Paths. 

Benefits of a joint meeting are to provide integrated advice for the student based on the broader perspectives several faculty can provide.  An official POS must be approved and filed with the Graduate School by the end of the second semester of Year 1.  

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