Weldon School undergraduate program is uniquely experiential and placement focused

This May, the Weldon School will commemorate its 9th class of graduates from the undergraduate program. As the seniors finalize their post-graduation plans, we celebrate the innumerable ways they have distinguished themselves. Their achievements reflect the high standards of our academic program. Here we spotlight our undergraduate program and the qualities that distinguish us—and in turn, our students.

What makes us different?

  • Emphases on experiential learning: internships, co-ops, study abroad, and research
  • Academic experience tailored to student interests
  • Strong career placement support
  • Friendly, supportive, collaborative atmosphere

Job-readiness is Our Priority

  • 92% of our students gain hands-on experience through co-ops, internships, research, study abroad, and Engineering Projects in Community Service, averaging four to five semesters in one or more category
  • 67% participate in a co-op or internship
  • 75% gain research experience
  • 100% take positions in industry or enter graduate or medical school within six months of graduation in 2013 (self-reported)

Quality Internship and Co-Op Opportunities

We have relationships with a variety of industry partners that offer co-ops and internships to our students. These work experiences prepare our students to become engineers and, in turn, acquaint our industry partners with potential candidates for future hires.  Our partners dedicate their time and expertise to provide the knowledge and experience students need to succeed in future careers.

Rigorous Study Abroad Programs

Our study abroad program enables students to have a global experience without interrupting their plan of study. The rigor of the engineering coursework required in the program enables students from both sides to benefit from the cultural exchange and still graduate on time. We offer semester-long study abroad programs at top engineering universities in Denmark, Ireland, and Switzerland, and shorter opportunities in Ireland and China. More programs are in the works.

Diverse Senior Design Teams

The senior design experience prepares students for the real world in which people of diverse backgrounds and expertise join forces to find solutions to biomedical problems. Seniors work in teams that comprise industry partners, clinicians, faculty members, and their peers—who may be studying a different engineering discipline.

Many Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Undergraduates engage in over 2,000 research projects each year at Purdue. Weldon School students work with faculty members in areas such as neuroengineering, biophotonics and medical imaging, orthopaedic biomechanics, engineered biomaterials and tissue systems, and systems science and engineering.

Thriving Student Organizations

The vibe at the Weldon School is friendly and supportive. The Biomedical Engineering Society, Alpha Eta Mu Beta, and Weldon School Ambassadors offer many professional development, networking, mentorship, outreach, and social activities.