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March 8, 2021

Sereno's findings suggest the brain isn't as efficient as we may think

A Purdue University neuroscientist’s findings suggest that the brain is not as efficient as we think.

To be efficient, it’s best to tailor efforts to the final goal. If devices or network connections can’t display or relay high-resolution images, there’s no point in streaming high-definition movies. A less fancy version not only will do, but it will stream faster without blocky artifacts.

In neuroscience, an indicator of the efficiency of relaying information is called sparse coding. Sparse coding means the brain relays (encodes) essential information with just a few (sparse) neurons.
February 24, 2021

University’s Bravo Program recognizes four BME staff members with awards

The Purdue University Bravo Awards - “Bravos” - were awarded in December to 72 staff members from 13 units in the College of Engineering, including four from the Weldon School. The Bravo Award Program was established by the University in 2014 to provide recognition and rewards for substantial accomplishments achieved by Purdue employees that extend well beyond regular work responsibilities.
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