Center for Internet of Bodies

Internet of Bodies (IoB) is formed when Internet of Things (IoT) meets the Human Body to transform it by empowering us humans. A subset of IoT, the IoB represents the network of tiny devices on, around or in the human body comprising of function like sensing, analytics, communication, actuation, powering and harvesting. These nodes range from connected health care devices such as continuous glucose monitors (CGM), connected pacemakers, ingestible pills to consumer electronics devices such as smartwatches, wireless earpods, AR/VR headsets to name a few.

While IoB devices will ride on the existing and future IoT revolution, they will also have their unique properties and requirements for seamless integration of Human-Electronics Augmentation and Co-Operation, such as existence of body medium that can be leveraged for communication, safety and security requirements since body being involved e.g. medical devices, AI/ML has to focus on new dataset, partial/full inference on body-worn devices, distributed computing around the body, one-hub multi-sensor distributed on-body network, multi-human network, distributed intelligence including in-sensor and on-hub analytics, and extreme size, power, and latency constraints, towards battery-free, body-powered electronics.

Affiliated with Purdue College of Engineering (CoE) and originating from Purdue Engineering Initiatives (PEI) in Engineering Medicine C-IoB research center brings together leading experts on all aspects of IoB and presents a forum to conduct multidisciplinary research and innovation in all aspects of IoB spanning from basic Physics to Device Design to Intelligent Algorithms to In-vivo Experimentation.

The goal of C-IoB is to bring multidisciplinary innovations to Electronics for the Human Body to empower lives. C-IoB research center unites academic researchers and industry practitioners to collaborate on cutting-edge research and exchange of ideas to promote deeper understanding, innovation, and successful implementation of the "Internet of Bodies".

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IEEE Spectrum Feature: “The Body is the Network”

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News & Events


Prof. Baibhab Chatterjee join C-IoB as the Associate Director
March 14, 2023

Purdue, UFL and CWRU Collaborate to highlight the vision of Bioelectronic Sensor Nodes for IoB
March 13, 2023

C-IoB graduate Baibhab Chatterjee joins UFL as Faculty
August 16, 2022

C-IoB Launched
August 23, 2021


C-IoB Team to Organize a Special Session on IoB in BioCAS 2023
October 19, 2023

C-IoB Team to Organize a Special Session on Wearables & Implants in MWSCAS 2023
August 9, 2023

C-IoB Research presented in ISSCC 2023 Forum 7 + Demo
February 23, 2023

C-IoB Team presents Demo in CES 2023
January 5, 2023

C-IoB In-Person Kick Off Meeting
December 3, 2021