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Don’ts of MSE (a.k.a “The Rules”)

DO NOT wear gloves outside of the lab or in the hallway (do not touch door handles with gloves).

DO NOT bring uncovered containers of anything in the hallway.

DO NOT mix oxidizers (Nitric, Perchloric, Chromic acids or peroxides) with any organic liquid.

DO NOT move chemicals outside of the room they are in.

DO NOT put broken glass or other sharps in the trash can. Put them in a sharps container.

DO NOT leave a mess. Even if you don’t think you spilled anything, always check and even if you find nothing, wipe down your area.

DO NOT leave bottles, chemicals, or waste containers uncapped and/or unlabeled (no acronyms/abbreviations, use the full chemical name). If they are empty or have water, label them so.

DO NOT take/use chemicals or supplies without asking someone in that group first.

DO NOT leave a project involving a chemical (including water) without putting a yellow project label on it – even to use the restroom.

DO NOT leave hood sashes up when you are away (even for a few seconds) or when you are working with chemicals.

DO NOT cover up accidents -- they happen. When (not if) they do, post a no admittance sign detailing the hazard (what, where) and discuss with your advisor and Prof. Youngblood. Do Not move the problem out of the area.

DO NOT use mercury thermometers. You do not need them and if you think you do, talk to Prof. Youngblood.