Purchasing Guidelines

Purchase Request Forms

  • Complete the Purchase Request Form.
  • A separate request form is required for each vendor.
  • All Purchase Request Forms will be routed for approval from your advisor and EPICS administration. Once all parties have approved, the purchase will be initiated. You will receive emails as the steps progress.
  • If there are any questions or issues with the request, a message will be sent in the MS Teams Budget channel. Please respond promptly to minimize delays.
  • Overseas vendors are strongly discouraged as shipping fees can be extremely costly to your team and delivery times can be lengthy.
  • You will receive an email when the item has arrived and is ready to be picked up in the office. 

Local Vendor Purchases 

If you plan to make a purchase at a local vendor in-person, please indicate on the purchase request form that you would like to check out a credit card and what date you would like to use the card. 

Credit Card Checkout

  • Check out the credit card in the office, ARMS 1200, when ready to go to the vendor. Please return the card PROMPTLY with the receipt.
  • Credit card MUST be used between 8am & 5pm weekdays only, unless special permission has been given.
  • Must have a separate purchase request for EACH vendor.
  • Purdue is tax exempt and tax should not be paid. (tax exemption number is on the front of the credit card) 

Reimbursement Requests

You will not be reimbursed for items that you purchase on your own. Use one of the above procedures instead of requesting reimbursement.