Project Partner Liason


The Project Partner Liaison (PPL) oversees and manages all communication between the team and the project partner and other stakeholders. She/he ensures that the project partner is kept informed on a regular basis of the progress of the team and that relevant team documentation is delivered to the project partner for observation or comment. The PPL communicates in two directions: she/he keeps the team updated on any project partner or other stakeholder concerns and also communicates updates from the team regarding changes to workflow, design, or progress.

Knowledge and Skills

A person who fulfills the duties of Project Partner Liaison will:

  • Demonstrates effective and clear written and verbal communication or the ability to learn and develop those skills in practice
  • Have a good understanding of EPICS practices, policies, and operation
  • Have a good understanding of the current and future status of the team’s project(s)


A person who takes on the role of Project Partner Liaison is responsible for:

  • Attending the project partner liaison best practices session at the beginning of the semester
  • Developing and implementing methods and strategies for appropriate and effective communication with the project partner and all project stakeholders
  • Organization of the Semester Plans and Semester Plan Project Update memos and delivering them to the project partner
  • Communicating project partner and other stakeholders concerns and observations to the team
  • Scheduling Project Partner meetings (e.g. 2nd or 3rd week of the semester, week 13 in each semester) in cooperation with the advisor(s), team leader, and EPICS Program Coordinator
  • Coordinating all invitations and details for persons attending team meetings from Purdue University and the community

Performance Criteria

There are 3 basic performance criteria for the Project Partner Liaison:

  • Effective organization of team communication with Project Partner
  • Team member knowledge of project partner observations and concerns
  • Project Partner satisfaction