Specific Project Roles

Financial Officer

The financial officer is responsible for developing and managing the team’s budget. This person will collect the budget information from all of the project teams and compile this information using the EPICS budget form, then submit the proposed budget to the EPICS administration for approval. This person will be responsible for making any changes to the budget required by the administration or the demands of the project and to keep track of the purchases made by the team throughout the semester. Before any purchases can be made for the team, the budget must be approved, so this role is vital to the functioning of the team.

Project Archivist

The Project Archivist is responsible for making sure that the team is documenting the work being done throughout the semester. The archivist is not responsible for documenting other team members work, rather the archivist is responsible for making sure the documentation is complete, thorough, and well organized. The archivist should take a lead role in organizing the team sharepoint drive and should take ownership of the team's design documents.

Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees the management and delivery of projects to which she/he is assigned. She/he is responsible for the definition and execution of the project plans including project initiation, planning, execution, controlling and closing out of the project. Through the team project partner liaison the PL manages project dependencies and project team and stakeholder relationships as it relates to the project and ensures timely and effective communication with the team leader and the entire team, within the project team and with the project stakeholders. Overall, the Project Manager is responsible for managing the project resources (time, people, material, and financial).

Project Partner Liaison

The Project Partner Liaison (PPL) oversees and manages all communication between the team and the project partner and other stakeholders. She/he ensures that the project partner is kept informed on a regular basis of the progress of the team and that relevant team documentation is delivered to the project partner for observation or comment. The PPL communicates in two directions: she/he keeps the team updated on any project partner or other stakeholder concerns and also communicates updates from the team regarding changes to workflow, design, or progress.