Registration Fall 2024

All EEE undergraduate students (not graduating in May or August): This newsletter covers specific instructions for required meetings and steps for registration. New this registration season: There is a new process for when students will receive access to their primary advisor's BoilerConnect Registration Advising Appointment calendar. The EEE Faculty Mentor meeting must be completed first. Please carefully read this newsletter and pay attention to highlighted sections.

Open Registration Begins 4/22/24 - See Open Registration Help section below or CLICK HERE

It is time to prepare for Fall 2024 registration. All undergraduate students will request courses using the Course Request Form (CRF) via the Pre-Registration (batch) process. To support the goal of providing all students with a working schedule, students are encouraged to list as many alternative courses on the CRF as possible. Consideration will be given to priority populations, upper-class students based on credit hours applied toward degree requirements, and vital courses identified by the advisor. If a student does not submit their CRF prior to the deadline, they must wait for Open Registration that begins April 22.

Important Dates & Steps to Meet All Deadlines-

  • Now through March 22 - EEE Mentor meeting; recommended deadline to avoid appointment bottlenecks between Mentor and Advisor

  • Post-Mentor meeting through April 8 - EEE Registration Advising Appointment with primary advisor; NEW - Students will NOT receive the email invitation to make their BoilerConnect Registration Advising Appointment until the EEE Undergraduate Office receives the Mentor's email documenting completion of the Mentor meeting.  Students should receive their advisor's email within 1-2 business days after the Faculty Mentor meeting. 

  • March 11 – Fall 2024 Schedule of Classes released; check for course availability and time conflicts

  • April 8, 5PM - CRF Submit Deadline; how to submit CRF With Pre-Loaded Courses from Advisor video

  • April 18, 5PM - Schedules released for all students that met CRF deadline

  • April 22 - Open Registration begins; Scheduling Assistant opens. Your time ticket to enter Scheduling Assistant found in myPurdue>Registration Tab>Registration Status & Time ticket. How to Find Your Time Ticket video

EEE students are required to take the following steps -

  1. Submit EEE Mentor Form, then meet with EEE Faculty Mentor to discuss.  
  2. Complete Registration Advising Appointment with primary advisor
  3. Finalize and Submit CRF

How to Prepare for Mentor meeting-

  • Check your EEE Faculty Mentor (some have been changed) - Faculty Mentors are shown in BoilerConnect; listed on the right, under your picture where it says, “Your Success Team.”

  • Email Faculty Mentor to request a meeting; find contact info here.  When corresponding be professional and courteous. Propose multiple times on multiple days across a few weeks. Allow plenty of time for maximum flexibility since last-minute requests are rarely successful. Meetings may be virtual or in person.

  • EEE Mentor Form - Thoughtfully complete and submit the online form prior to the Mentor meeting. Make sure to select the form that corresponds to your entrance date to Purdue.  It will guide you to identify EEE Selective and Technical Elective choices, and consider how they support your career interests. Aids to help are EEE Career Pathways and Recently Offered Course Reference.  Review How to Identify Prerequisites and Restrictions of desired courses, and adjust as needed.

    • Upon submission this online platform generates an email to the mentor, student and EEE advisors with Subject: EEE MENTOR FORM Keep this email.

    • At conclusion of meeting, request that your Mentor immediately ‘reply all’ to that original email to document your meeting and to note any recommendations, reminders or questions to you or your EEE advisor in body of email.

How to Prepare for Registration Advising Appointment with EEE Advisor

  • Complete mentoring step above - NEW: Students will not receive the email invitation to make Registration Advising Appointment in BoilerConnect until the EEE Undergraduate Office receives the Mentor's email documenting completion.

  • Schedule Registration Appointment – After the EEE Mentor meeting all students will receive a BoilerConnect email notification from their advisor with instructions and a link to their calendar to make an appointment. Select a time that works with your schedule. 

  • Review MyPurduePlan or EduNav – note any discrepancies or questions. Identify desired courses for enrollment. It is your responsibility to make sure you meet all degree requirements prior to graduation. See EEE Plan of Study. Students selected for the EduNav Early Adopter program can find EduNav student resources here.

  • Check myPurdue portal for Holds – go to myPurdue >Registration >Register for Classes >Do I have any holds?  Instructions to address Holds.

  • Failure to fully prepare for your meeting may result in your Registration appointment being cancelled.

Pre-Registration Help

The office of the registrar has put together lots of useful info to guide students. Go to and click on the Pre-Registration tab on the side. Many resources live on this page. Just a few are highlighted below, along with instructions on how to enter a "Free Time" request.

Student FAQs

Student FAQs Post Batch Registration

University Core Placeholders

How to enter a free time request as an attempt to reserve time for work or extra-curricular commitments. Requests are not considered "hard stops" when the schedule is built, but an attempt is made to honor the request.

Open Registration Help

Students who submitted a CRF by the deadline and had no HOLDs should have a Fall 2024 schedule as of 4/22/24.  Check the integrity of your schedule against the Advisor Recommendation Form that you got via email at close of the Registration appt.  Validate appropriate course placement and the number of needed credits.  If a course or credits are missing you must take action to manually adjust your scheudle. You can also find a copy in BoilerConnect (BC), under ‘Reports/Notes’ tab.  Click tab; look under ‘Appointment Summaries’ near bottom.  View report details and there will be a clickable PDF uploaded attached to the Fall 2024 report.  

Open Registration begins Monday, April 22 for those who missed the CRF deadline or wish to attempt manual adjustments via Scheduling Assistant; which also opens on 4/22 for student use. Time Ticket access is rolling out across a few days, beginning with those with the most transcript credits (seniors down to freshman). Find your time via myPurdue > Registration tab > Registration Status.  Holds can also be found on the Registration Status page.  Hold Instructions. If you met with your EEE advisor then your Fall 2024 PIN is on the recommendation form, if needed.  (Reminder: Students must meet with their EEE mentor and EEE advisor to get their PIN. CLICK to see full instructions above.)  

Closed courses -

Waitlists:  Some courses will use Waitlists.  Instructions at

Courses not using Waitlists:  You will need to watch for space, especially after spring grades post on 5/8/24.

For selective/elective courses, you may have to consider an alternative course: 

Reference myPurduePlan – look at your MPP Plans tab for ideas; make sure it is up to date.

Research alternative EEE Selective options - go to the Recently Offered Course Reference list; filter on Fall 2024.  You can access syllabi for some courses via Course Insights, found in your mypurdue portal, or go to

If you have questions Make an advising appointment via BoilerConnect with your primary advisor. Emailing quick questions is ok but responses may be slow. While you await a response, you are empowered to utilize the following resources:

  • Purdue Registrar YouTube channel has help videos and demos.
  • Scheduling Assistant (during Open Reg) - Use Scheduling Assistant to build full schedule. Demo video.
  • Registration Errors (during Open Reg) - Students should submit requests in Scheduling Assistant. Instructions here.