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Minor in Environmental and Ecological Engineering

EEE offers a minor in Environmental and Ecological Engineering as a mechanism for students in all branches of engineering, and other related fields, to gain expertise and qualifications in EEE fields. The minor is most appropriate for students who have particular environmental interests in engineering, or who want to develop a career at the interface of EEE and their chosen major field. Environmental concerns touch all aspects of engineering, making this an attractive option for many students, and an attractive set of qualifications for many prospective employers.

The minor in EEE consists of six courses, and is available to any student at Purdue who has met the co- andor pre-requisites for courses in the EEE minor.  EEE no longer requires an application to add the minor.  Students may ask their primary advisor to request the addition. Students with questions about the EEE minor should contact the Associate Director of Advising.


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