Technical Electives 

Technical Electives are broadly defined as any course in a technical field, typically from the Colleges of Engineering, Agriculture, Science, or Polytechnic Institute.  It is recommended that a student choose additional EEE Selectives to satisfy this requirement, or take prerequisite courses to prepare for advanced EEE Selectives that the student is interested in.  Beyond the recommendation to meet the Technical Elective requirement with courses from the EEE Selectives list, should a student instead want more breadth or exposure to varied topics, the list below identifies courses that are approved Technical Electives.  Remedial courses are not allowed.

(List provided for students on the 2019-2020 catalog term and forward.  Students prior to this term may also use this list, if desired.)


AGRY 12500 - Environmental Science And Conservation

ASM 23600 - Environmental Systems Management

CM 16400 - Graphics for Civil Engineering and Construction

EAPS 32700 - Climate, Science And Society

EAPS 37500 - Great Issues - Fossil Fuels, Energy And Society

ENGL 42000 - Business Writing

ENGL 42100 - Technical Writing

ENGL 43300 - Writing Proposals And Grants

ENGR 30500 - Fundamentals Of Innovation Theory And Practice

ENGR 31000 - Engineering In Global Context

ENGR 49001 - Breakthrough Thinking for Complex Challenges

ENGR 49400 - Women In Engineering Senior Seminar: Gender In The Workplace

ENTR 20000 - Introduction To Entrepreneurship And Innovation

ENTR 31000 - Marketing And Management For New Ventures

ENTR 31500 - Business Planning For Social Entrepreneurship

ENTR 32500 - Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation

FNR 20100 -  Marine Biology

ME 49200 - Technology and Values

MET 52700 - Technology From A Global Perspective

MGMT 20000 - Introductory Accounting

MGMT 20100 - Management Accounting I

NRES 28000 - Hazardous Waste Handling

NRES 38010 - Hazardous Waste Handling

TLI 11200 - Foundations of Organizational Leadership

TLI 15200 - Business Principles of Organizational Leadership