Approved EEE Selective Course Lists

Lists of acceptable courses will be maintained by the EEE Associate Director of Advising, with approval of changes by the EEE Academics Committee. In addition, students can petition to have other courses (including one-time special offerings) count for one of the requirements. Use the Course Substitution Approval Request Form. These lists are therefore considered dynamic, and it is anticipated that small changes will be made to the lists regularly.

All Plans of Study are ultimately subject to approval by the EEE Academics Committee. The EEE curricular guidelines were designed to maximize flexibility so individualized student-centered Plans of Study can be crafted. Proposed Plans of Study without sufficient rigor and academic integrity worthy of earning a BSEEE will not be permitted.

Many courses have prerequisites. It is the student responsibility to integrate prerequisite courses into the overall plan of study.

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A student’s catalog term is typically the semester you started at Purdue, and determines the criteria that applies to you. Students can find their catalog term at the top of their MyPurduePlan below the degree progress bar.

2023-24 EEE Selectives

2022-23 and earlier: EEE Selectives

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