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Environmental and Ecological Engineering Plans of Study

Beginning Fall 2014, the Faculty of the Division of Environmental and Ecological Engineering has adopted a new curriculum for Environmental and Ecological Engineering. The changes are designed to improve student’s professional preparation, increase their laboratory experience relevant to the discipline and ensure the integrity of program assessment. This new curriculum also incorporates the College of Engineering General Education program which was modified to satisfy the University Core Curriculum, which was implemented in Fall 2013.  With these actions, the EEE plan of study satisfies the Foundational Learning Outcomes and Programmatic Requirements of the University Core Curriculum.


2018-19 Plan of StudyResource Template 2018

2017-18 Plan of StudyResource Template 2017

2016-17 Plan of StudyResource Template 2016

2015-16 Plan of StudyResource Template 2015

2014-15 Plan of StudyResource Template 2014


Please direct any questions or concerns to the Associate Director of Advising in the EEE Office in POTR 364.