EEE Study Abroad Opportunities

Considering studying abroad?  First step for EEE students, complete this required Qualtrics info survey that will guide you through study abroad resources prior to you meeting with your EEE advisor. Upon completion you will be more aware of existing resources, have knowledge that will empower you to make informed decisions, and know where to find help when needed. In addition, any follow up meetings with your EEE advisor will be more productive while focusing on your specific questions that still remain.  Go to the Qualtrics info survey.

EEE encourages students interested in international learning experiences abroad to consider traveling to one of the locations listed below for which EEE is specifically developing study abroad programs. These preplanned programs will identify course substitutions* and make it easier for students to plan a semester abroad, either fall or spring, during the junior year.

Course planning is done individually with each student, but the best courses to reserve for your semester abroad are: BIOL 28600, STAT 51100, Technical Electives, General Education Electives, and EEE Selectives (not Category A,B,C).  Check out the current list of course options; additions being made frequently. *Substitutions - EEE reserves the right to further evaluate coursework to confirm enrollment priorities for future semesters.

Learn more about studying abroad on the ‘Getting Started’ Purdue Study Abroad page at

Watch Purdue Study Abroad office videos on how to choose a destination, apply and pay for study abroad at

Other Institutions

Have interest in another destination? Choosing another destination may require more individual planning by the student, but there are many other study abroad opportunities that exist via Purdue and/or College of Engineering agreements. Here is a list where previous EEE students have studied, or institutions with which EEE has an exchange agreement:

Applications Deadlines

In general students must meet the Applications Deadlines below for most study abroad programs:

  • March 1st – Fall, Academic Year & most Summer programs
  • September 15th – Spring Semester programs
  • February 1st - Summer internships & select Summer programs

Other Sources for Information

Global Engineering Program and Partnerships (GEPP):

GEPP serves the students, staff and faculty of Purdue University College of Engineering, offering comprehensive undergraduate and graduate academic programs in education, research and learning with focus on diversity, experience, reputation and effective solutions to the global engineering challenges of the 21st century and beyond.  Students are welcome to reach out to GEPP with questions about study abroad by visiting that office in Wang Hall 4th floor, going to the GEPP website or by email at


Other Possible Funding Opportunities

Study Abroad office funding:

If you find that you need supplemental funds to pay for study abroad, the first place to look is the Other Funding Sources page. Please note that it's important to apply for scholarships early.  Application for a scholarship through the Study Abroad office is due at the time you apply for your selected program. 

National and International Scholarships Office (NISO) coordinated scholarships:

NISO, which is a part of the Purdue University Honors College, is available to serve all Purdue students. They assist students who have excellent academic records in their scholarly development to apply for any of the 13 highly selective national and international awards that require a nomination by Purdue. To explore the major scholarships and fellowships NISO coordinates, visit the NISO website at, go to Honors College Residences Sout Building (HCRS) 1056 or call 496-3389 to schedule an appointment.  Scholarships that provide funding for study abroad expenses are listed below.  The application process for these scholarships may require more advance preparation than traditional scholarships.