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Honors Option

Honors College – For students admitted to Purdue in Fall 2013 and beyond, entry into the Honors College is the only option to pursue honors designation, and selection is by invitation only.  Current Purdue students may also seek admission to the Honors College via an application process.  Learn more information about the Honors College, admission process and program requirements on the Honors College website.  Future students, click here.  For current student information, click here.  To learn about how to maintain Honors College Good Standing, see this policy link



Pathways to Honors Completion in EEE

Students must complete 24 Honors credits.  See requirements at  Make a plan by choosing from the options listed below.


Year 1:

ENGR 14100* (3.5cr), ENGR 14200* (3.5 cr), Honors seminar (2cr)

*Beginning Fall 2017: ENGR 16100 (4cr), ENGR 16200 (4cr)


Years 2 – 4:

ME 27000H Basic Mechanics (3cr)

Required EEE Courses in which Instructors will collaborate to allow Honors Contracts-

EEE 25000 (3cr)

EEE 35000 (3cr)

EEE 35500 (3cr)

EEE 36000 (3cr)

EEE 43000 (3cr)

Choose are at least one Honors General Education course

Any non-required 500-level EEE Selective (1-3cr)


Research or other scholarly activity that leads to a culminating thesis/comparable scholarly project

There are multiple ways to engage in a scholarly project, such as SURF or an REU.  Another option available to EEE students is to participate in supervised research while completing EEE 49800.  No matter which path to a scholarly project you choose, it must be approved by the Honors College.  See