EEE Combined Degree Program


Environmental and Ecological Engineering, in collaboration with other Purdue departments, schools, and programs offers a combined degree program in which a Purdue student can receive a BS degree, and with one additional year of study, a non-thesis Master’s of Science in Environmental and Ecological Engineering (MSEEE) degree. This is accomplished by dual-counting 12 appropriate course credits at the 500 level on the BS and MSEEE Plans-of-Study.

Student Eligibility:

  • Undergraduate students on Purdue’s Main Campus currently in semester 6 (with two additional semesters yet to complete their BS degree) in Environmental and Ecological Engineering (BSEEE), Agricultural Engineering (BSAE), Biological Engineering (BSBE), Chemical Engineering (BSChE), Civil Engineering (BSCE), Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (Atmospheric Science; Environmental Geoscience; Geology and Geophysics; and Planetary Science), Industrial Management (BSIM), Materials Engineering (BSMSE), or Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES).
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 at the time of application, and maintain this minimum index through semesters 6-8.


In semester 6, students in the programs listed above interested in the MSEEE Combined Degree need to formally apply for graduate admissions to the MSEEE program. Information on the application procedure can be found at and located on this same webpage is an “Apply Now” link for initiating the necessary online application. The application process is identical to the regular graduate application process, except for three additional steps.

  1. The student must submit as part of the application the “Purdue University Graduate School Combined-Degree Program Request” form. This is Form GS-27, available from the Graduate School online at This form must be approved (by signature) by the Heads of the participating Baccalaureate and Master’s degree (EEE) programs, before submitting as part of the application. If the student is a BSEEE student, the Head of EEE will sign and date on both approval lines.  The Head of EEE’s signature can be obtained by scanning the form to or bringing it to POTR 364D.  The necessary signatures will be obtained and the form will be uploaded to your graduate application.
  2. The Statement of Purpose essay should state clearly that the student is applying to the MSEEE Combined Degree program and provide the reason(s) for seeking graduate study under this Program, and any relationship to the applicant’s career goals.
  3. In requesting Letters of Recommendation from references, it is very important that the student inform the references that the application is for admission to the MSEEE Combined Degree Program. Although all letters are solicited during the online application process (by the student providing emails of all references), the applicant is encouraged to provide all references with a copy of this information sheet, so that they are made aware of the Program and process.

Before the beginning of semester 7, the EEE Graduate Program will make a decision to accept or not accept the student into the Combined Degree Program by acting on the student’s Graduate Application. If the student is accepted, the student must identify before entering their 7th semester, an EEE faculty member to advise them; that is, to work with the student and the student’s current undergraduate adviser in graduate course selection for the student’s 7th and 8th semesters. The student’s complete record will be reviewed by the EEE Graduate Program at the end of semesters 7 and 8. It is required that the undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 is maintained. If all conditions are not maintained, the student will not be permitted to remain in the combined degree program.

Students Enrolled in the Program:

  • Must complete, during their Baccalaureate degree program, 12 hours of graduate courses (e.g., four 3-credit 50000 level courses). These graduate level courses will be added to the MSEEE Plan-of-Study and will be “dual-counted” for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • Must earn grades of B- or better in all dual-counted courses.
  • Must complete a non-thesis Master’s degree (12 dual-counted course credits + 18 additional MS course credits at the 500 level or above, for a total of 30 credit hours). All normal MSEEE degree requirements must be satisfied, including (but not limited to) completion of six 1-credit five-week EEE modules (six total credits) as part of the 30 credit course requirement. All rules of the EEE Graduate Program can be found in the Graduate Program Handbook (online at

Degrees Awarded:

The appropriate BS degree will be awarded after satisfactory completion of the respective degree requirements. The student will have graduate status beginning in semester 9. A graduate Plan-of-Study must be completed before the end of semester 9 and must be approved by the EEE Graduate Program before registration for semester 10.