February 29, 2024

Rebecca Ciez wins a 2023 Scialog award for decarbonization research!

Congrats to Rebecca Ciez on receiving a 2023 Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award! She was awarded $50,000 from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for her team’s project: “Plastic Waste to DAC: A Study of the Chemical and Lifecycle Feasibility of Converting Polyolefin Waste to Aminopolymers for Direct Air Capture.”
February 9, 2024

PhD candidate Taymee Brandon wins a 2023 EREF Scholarship!

“I am grateful to have this support for my dissertation research. The EREF Scholarship affords me the opportunity to connect with EREF staff, companies, and industry professionals, enhancing and furthering my circular economy industrial waste research.” -Taymee Brandon
January 31, 2024

Fall 2023 SPARK grant recipients include EEE professor aided research project.

Urban Computes: Toward an Emerging Integrative Urban Computing Expedition, led by Daniel Aliaga (associate professor of Purdue Computer Science) and co-investigated by Brady Hardiman (associate professor of Purdue EEE and Purdue FNR), Professor Melba Crawford (Nancy Uridil and Frank Bossu Distinguished Professor in Civil Engineering and Purdue EEE courtesy professor), has been selected as a fall 2023 SPARK grant recipient. SPARK supports teams with up to $100,000 for critical development activities linked to external grant proposals of $7 million or more.
January 8, 2024

EEE Lab Manager Nadya Zyaykina receives Bravo+ Award!

Congratulations to Nadya Zyaykina (Purdue EEE Lab Manager) for receiving a Bravo+ Award from Purdue University! Derived from the Bravo Awards program established in 2013, Bravo+ honors the excellence found across all university areas and job functions by recognizing extraordinary employee achievements at every scale.
September 22, 2023

Ernest (Chip) Blatchley named President-Elect of IUVA

Ernest (Chip) Blatchley, Lee A. Rieth Professor in Environmental Engineering and Professor in Environmental and Ecological Engineering, has started a 2-year term as President-Elect of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA).
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