November 9, 2017

Study Abroad Spotlight: Pujitha Desiraju

Pujitha Desiraju is a senior majoring in Computer Engineering. She is spending the semester studying abroad at National University of Singapore.
photo of Pujitha Desiraju and fellow students at National University of Singapore
photo of Pujitha Desiraju (far right) and fellow students at the National University of Singapore hashtag

Name: Pujitha Desiraju

ECE student classification: Senior

Major: Computer Engineering 

Why did you want to study abroad?

I love experiencing new cultures and study abroad was the best way to do so. I think this program teaches you to be open minded and also helps you adapt to any situation quickly. I have also done a study abroad the past summer in Spain. ( I love doing the study abroad program!)  

Where are you studying abroad? Why did you choose this location/program?

I am currently studying abroad in Singapore at National University of Singapore. I have never explored South East Asia before and Singapore is in such a good location that I can freely travel to a lot more countries around. Also , everybody in Singapore is well versed in English and the college life is pretty similar to what we have at Purdue. 

photo of Pujitha Desiraju and fellow students on Sibu Island off the coast of Malaysia
photo of Pujitha Desiraju and fellow students on Sibu Island, off the coast of Malaysia

Best experience so far.

Just travelling on the weekends to a beach or an island or even a different country has been a surreal experience. I have met some amazing people here and I can say everyday is a new journey!

What you’ve learned—either about yourself or the culture you’re living in.

I think I have become more open minded and empathetic as an individual. Its truly amazing how different parts of the world have their own religions and cultures but they are trying to communicate the same thing. I think I became more responsible as well , as I have had to adjust to a completely new lifestyle by myself in an alien country.

Would you suggest study abroad for other ECE students? Why?

I would definitely recommend a study abroad to every student as it teaches you to be more curious and patient. (Everything we need as Engineers!). You really start to understand different cultures and this experience also makes us appreciate the diversity in our workforce.