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Academic Assistance

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers help rooms for three sophomore level ECE courses and also maintains a tutor bank with additional course offerings. More information about these resources can be found below.

Students are also encouraged to utilize Purdue's Academic Success Center, which is committed to improving student success through resources such as one-on-one tutoring, group study sessions, workshops, academic strategy sessions (time-management, studying, test-taking), and classes.


ECE Help Rooms

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers free Help Rooms for ECE 20100, ECE 20200, and ECE 25500. Students should ask their TA or instructor for additional information on these resources.


ECE Tutor Bank

The ECE Undergraduate Office maintains a list of available tutors. These are ECE undergraduate and graduate students who have indicated their potential availability as tutors for specific courses. 

The information in the ECE Tutor Bank has been collected through self-disclosure and no effort has been made by the University or the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering to substantiate or certify tutors' qualifications outside of ensuring that undergraduate tutors have achieved at least a B in the advertised course.

Users of the tutor list are encouraged to self determine the tutor's competence and effectiveness through an interview in a controlled setting. The first tutor you contact may not be a good fit for your individual needs and you are under no obligation to remain with that tutor. The University is not responsible for any unforeseen activity or behavior resulting from this service. Any questionable behavior should be reported to the ECE Advising Office located in EE 136, 494-3390.


Tutor List

Apply to Become a Tutor