ECE 64800 - Wavelet, Time-Frequency, and Multirate Signal Processing

Credits: 3

Areas of Specialization(s):

Communications, Networking, Signal & Image Processing

Counts as:

Normally Offered: Spring - odd years

Catalog Description:
Advanced topics in signal processing including time-frequency analysis, multiscale edge detection, wavelet bases and filter banks, and techniques for approximation, estimation, and compression using wavelets.

Required Text(s):
  1. A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing, 2nd Edition, S.G. Mallat, Academic Press, 1999, ISBN No. 0-12-466606-X.

Recommended Text(s): None.

Lecture Outline:

Weeks Topic
2.0 1. Review Fourier Transform Fourier Series Sampling
1.0 2. Multirate Signal Processing Quadrature Mirror Filters Sampling Rate Conversion Interpolation and Decimation Filters
2.0 3. Time-Frequency Analysis and Methods Windowed Fourier Transform and Spectograms Continuous Wavelet Transform and Scalograms Instantaneous Frequency Quadratic Time-Frequency Distributions Other Time-Frequency Representations
1.0 4. Multiscale Edge Detection Detection of Singularities with Wavelets Reconstruction of Signals from Multiscale Edges
3.0 5. Wavelet Bases and Filter Banks Orthogonal Wavelet Bases Filter Banks Wavelets from Filters Biorthogonality
3.0 6. Approximation, Estimation, Compression Wavelet Packets and Best Basis Search Basis Pursuit Matching Pursuit Wavelet Thresholding Transform Coding
2.0 7. Advanced Topics
1.0 8. Exams