ECE 61800 - Numerical Electromagnetics

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Credits: 3

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  • Fields and Optics

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Spring - even years


On-campus only

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The numerical solution of Maxwell's equations is studied. Numerical methods such as the Finite Element Method and the Finite Difference Method are presented for the solution of both differential and integral equations. Applications studied include: waveguides (microstrip, VLSI interconnects, optical, discontinuities), scattering (frequency selective surfaces, arbitrary scatterers), antennas, magnetics, semiconductor devices, and inverse scattering. Papers in the current literature are used.

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Weeks Topic
2 Maxwell's equations, wave eqns., boundary conditions, equivalence principle, reciprocity
1 Finite difference solution of Maxwell's eqns., wave eqns.
1 Variational formulations
3 Finite element method - solution of differential equations arising in statics, waveguides, scattering (radiation boundary condition)
2 Green's identities and development of integral equations
2 Spectral domain formulation for microstrip, frequency selective surfaces, printed antennas
1 Waveguide discontinuities
1 Inverse scattering
1 Computer hardware and software issues
1 Exams

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