Sample Scholarship Thank You Letter

Please note that the letter below is only meant to be used as an example and source of ideas. Students should customize their letters with their own personal information and experiences.


Dear [Donor Name],

The introductory paragraph should outline why you are writing the thank you letter. Be sure to include the name of the scholarship and explain why you appreciate the donor's contribution toward your education.

As a recipient of the [Scholarship Name], I wanted to express my gratitude for helping to alleviate the financial burden of my college education. I feel extremely fortunate to have been selected to receive a scholarship and your generous contribution will help me pay for my tuition and books for the upcoming academic year. It is great to know that my hard work both inside and outside of the classroom has not gone unnoticed.

The second paragraph is an opportunity to tell the donor more about yourself. You can tell them why you chose to attend Purdue and study Electrical and Computer Engineering, as well as what your hobbies, interests, and future goals are.

I am from Southern Indiana and chose to attend Purdue because it is near home and has an outstanding Engineering program. I received my first computer at the age of 8 and quickly came to enjoy dismantling it and figuring out how it worked. After spending several years experimenting with this hobby and gradually becoming more competent with programming languages, I decided that pursuing Computer Engineering at Purdue was the next logical step. I have greatly enjoyed my time at Purdue and am involved in several activities outside of the classroom. I am a member of the Solar Racing team where last year we won the Shell Eco-marathon and am also involved with A Cause for Paws, which is an organization on campus that advocates for no-kill animal shelters and pets in need.

The final paragraph should wrap-up the letter and once again thank the donor.

Again, please accept my sincere gratitude for your contribution toward my education. Myself and other ECE students are very fortunate that there are altruistic people like you who are committed to helping students achieve their educational goals.



[Recipient Name]