Online Courses in the Quantitative and Analytical Engineering Topics

Course Name  Course Name
AAE 55400 Fatigue Struct & Matls
BME 50100 Biostatistics
BME 51100 Biomedical Signal Processing
ECE 60000 Random Variables
ECE 60200 Lumped System Theory
ECE 60400 Electromagnetic Field Theory
ECE 63700 Digital Image Proc I
IE 53000 Quality Control
IE 53300 Ind Application Stat
IE 58000 Systems Simulation
MA 51100 Linear Algebra Appl
MA 52700 Adv Math Engr Phys I
MA 52800 Adv Math Engr Phys II
ME 51600 Computational Fluid Dynamics
ME 58700 Engineering Optics
MSE 59700 Mechanical Properties and Behaviors of Polymers
STAT 51300 Quality Control
STAT 51400 Design Of Experiment
STAT 51600 Basic Probability and Applications
STAT 51700 Statistical Inference
STAT 59800 Statistical Machine Learning