Dr. Brad Duerstock

Areas of ResearchMan in wheelchair displaying wrist technology

Rehabilitation engineering, physiological telemetry, wearable computing, machine learning, gesture recognition, virtual reality, kinematics


  • Multifunctional, Rapid Prototyped Wrist Orthosis for Tetraplegics
    An open source wrist orthosis is to be developed for global outreach using 3-D printing and commercial microelectronics. A universal gesture recognition is attached for control of modular mechatronic tools. Experience with electronics fabrication and 3-D printing and developing machine learning models is necessary.

  • Adaptive VR Exergaming for Upper Limb RehabilitationMan in wheelchair experiencing VR
    Investigate an adaptive virtual reality system that tracks and adapts gameplay according to the functionality of individual users with disabilities. Varied programming experience is necessary.

Recruitment Needs:

  • Looking for a qualified Masters or PhD student

Please feel free to contact Dr. Duerstock directly.