Dr. Brad Duerstock

Areas of ResearchMan in wheelchair displaying wrist technology

Rehabilitation engineering, physiological telemetry, wearable computing, machine learning, gesture recognition, virtual reality, kinematics


  • Wearable computing/Physiological Sensing

    • Noninvasive detection of dysautonomia
    • Intelligent multifunctional orthoses/ exoskeletons
  • Human Computer interaction

    • Man in wheelchair experiencing VRMultisensory substitution, e.g. haptics, auditory, vibrotactile
    • Assistive robot multimodal control/feedback
  • 3-D Modeling and Design
    • VR-based rehabilitation
    • STEM accessibility
    • Assistive Technology fab

Recruitment Needs:

  • Looking for a qualified Masters or PhD student

Please feel free to contact Dr. Duerstock directly.