Systems Engineering

Our Systems Engineering Program

This concentration is designed to provide students with graduate-level knowledge of systems engineering, from which they will be able to apply state-of-the art methods in designing, analyzing, and controlling the next generation of complex systems that respond to rapidly changing environments. The concentration aims to develop professionals who are both well-grounded in interdisciplinary engineering as well as prepared to create and execute trans-disciplinary processes that result in engineered systems that are responsive to stakeholders' needs.

Application areas include next-generation air traffic management, sustainable buildings, intelligent healthcare devices, healthcare delivery systems, flexible manufacturing integrated with design, next generation transportation systems, and next generation intelligent systems.

Systems Engineering online master's students will be able to choose from a course menu featuring classes in: 

Introduction to Systems Systems Thinking
Systems Engineering Theory/Architecting Models-Based Systems
Human Factors Automotive Systems
Cyber Security Decision Analysis

Systems Engineering Concentration Degree Options

The 30-credit hour curriculum is packaged in our Interdisciplinary Master of Science in Engineering (MSE/MS) degree. As a student in this program, you will focus heavily on systems engineering topics and technical knowledge. We offer both thesis and non-thesis degree options.

Online Plan of Study Details

The MSE/MS master's program offers a wide range of flexibility in course options. After you begin your studies at Purdue, an academic advisor will help you create a Plan of Study (POS) to best fit your educational needs and career goals. Every POS varies based on student interest, time, and course load. For planning purposes, an example POS for the Interdisciplinary Master of Science in Engineering (MSE/MS) with a concentration in Systems Engineering degree is available, as well as an extensive course menu that lists classes available over the next several years.

Admissions to the Systems Engineering Concentration

You must already hold an undergraduate degree from an ABET-accredited engineering program or one with equivalent standards. You must apply and be admitted to Purdue Online. More information about admissions can be found by visiting the program's admissions page.